Monday, 3 June 2013

How to free direct referrals.

Here are some link exchange sites from which you can get free referrals for any ptc site.
Getting free direct referrals free from ptc sites is not easy but once you got some referrals you can earn big money from ptc sites.
What is Link Exchange site system?
In this system you have to click on the sites of other people to get some points then you can use those point get some traffic for your websites..
There are a lot of traffic exchange sites, but I will only tell you about best and trusted ones.

This is largest traffic exchange site, it got more then 450,000 registered members. This is site on which you have to register and don't ignore this if you wanted good referrals. The site have simple system, which is easy to use and there are a lot of tools from which you can promote your link/website.Go to easy hits 4 u by just clicking on the above banner.

This is best, but simple site for traffic exchange with a surf ratio of 1:1. This site also have referrals system and they reward you 10% of the credits that your referrals surf. Best thing about this programme is that they let you to contact with your first level referrals directly, so you can train them how to work ion TrafficG. To go to trafficG website just click on the above banner.

Dragon Surf:
This was one of the best site to get traffic. This site delivers best result to its members.It is simplest site and its look is soo good, their stuff is always friendly with members and because of these reason we picked this site.So what you have to do is register to dragon surf. After becoming member, site surf the website of other people to get some credit .Which you can use for advertisement of your website.

Downline Builder:
This site got totally different system for above listed site and was one of the best site to get direct referrals.Getting referrals from this site is little easy, but also little difficult.This site got exchange system in you have to join the site of someone else and then he will join your site in exchange.This site is totally free to join and to go this site just click on below banner. 

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