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 Click this banner and go to Clixsense site to register on clixsense fill all of information if you are new and donot registered on paypal or payza just type your basic email to later on which you are going to register on payza or paypal..Then  a email will be send to your registered eamil go to your inbox and click then link in that email.then login to your site and complete all of your profile info.

View ads and do tasks/offers:

Click on View ads and watch all of the ads dialy this will not give you to much earning but to make sure that your account will remian active click all ads daily.

There are differents ways of earning in clixsense lot of tasks and offers provided by different sources.Here i will only give simple example of how to do crowdflower task.Its easy if you will understand it Click on task if there are some task avaliable it looks like this..

Click one this task and read the full instructions given on the top.There will some examples sure how  to do this task try it are some tips to stay away from blocking your entry on that task.
*there will bi accuracy button on the top keep your accuracy above 70 other wise you will shot.
*choose the task that will of 4 to 5 cents because these type are task are soo easy to do.
*task are mostly of two pages you have submit to page then amount will added to your account.
Afther your had finished one page submit the task.


This is main source of earning in ptc site you will find your referral link on your main page share that referral link to your frnd and neighbour.As many peoples join clixsense from your link that will help you to earn good income on clixsense.To get basic tips of getting referral go to this page 


The main factor of public confidence in a ptc site is forum, the menu help member to intract with other members.

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