Friday, 26 June 2015

Web Freer | How to Access Blocked Websites Using WebFreer!

Web Freer  

If you happen to be not pleased with your web browser on account of your privacy isn't protected while accessing websites, then Web Freer is really what you need. This application provides you with a connection with a secure server, that could let you access any site you want within a secure manner, because your connections will probably be encrypted for all your accessed websites.
Web Freer is constructed with the open-source Chromium models on what Google Chrome is made, sufficient reason for HTTPS browsing and privacy options is an effective tool. The sole aim of Web Free should be to replicate a snug browsing experience within a natively private environment. So as opposed to installing modules and add-ons for an additional pair browser that could be less secure, Web Freer is created from the ground-up to support HTTPS and make your data safe.

For by far the most part, it functions exactly as intended. Installation is a little confusing and has a few minutes to finalize, but once done, it is possible to open Web Freer because you would every other Web browser, and begin surfing the Internet. By default, privacy controls are active, therefore the HTTPS support will there be whenever you search online, encrypting crucial computer data, blocking display within your IP address, and ensuring that what you do is anonymous. It can also unblock sites which are commonly blocked because of your ISP in fact it is very quick. The smartest move produced by the developers of Web Freer ended up being build on Chromium, one of many fastest browsing experiences online, to ensure you gain advantages of private browsing without giving anything up. In our tests it had been generally as quickly as Chrome and quite often slightly faster than Firefox in opening high-media sites.

If you're eager to protect your browsing data along with your identity when online, and wish a browser to reinforce your antivirus protection, consider Web Freer. Designed through the ground up for privacy protection, it's a perfect supplement on your existing protections.

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