Click the above banner and go to Get-paid website and submit your email then click on register now.Then fill all the required fields and submit then log in to your account and then point your username and click on profile then complete your profile including profile information and payment methods.Make sure that your profile meter give reading 100%.

Their are lot of ways of earning on So first we will talk about offers/surveys.

How to complete the offers?

Go to offers and select any offer..give your own complete and trust full information and click on continue.After you completed the entire offer go back to offer page and mark that offer as completed.
For survey fill out the entire form with your valid information and complete at least one offer before closing the survey(if required) and then click continue.

How to do tasks?

Tasks on get paid are provided by online largest task distributer company crowdflower. You can earn good income from doing tasks on get-paid.For how to do task just fallow these steps:
Go to task and select any task that you most like to do (Pays for difficult tasks are higher).Then read the given instruction on the task and also examples make sure you understand it.Then do the task answer all the questions.Then click on submit button (at the bottom of the task). Mostly tasks are of two pages this means that if you submitted two page with the higher accuracy then money will automatically added to your account.

You can make money by playing games?

Go to the play game option and choose any game that you wanted to play.Then click on play now choose the amount that you wanted to bet on (make sure that you have that much amount in your account).You can choose : 2/3 Players - And the winner gets 0$,2 Players - And the winner gets 0.02$,3 Players - And the winner gets 0.1$.Play the game and try your best to win the game.After finish go to tournment results to check who won this tournment.
You can use daily wheel spin to get your hard work reward.(If you had earned $1 in last 24 hours).You can do it once in 24 hour just click on Click here To claim your lucky spin! then Spin now and you will a prize bonus of $0.10-$1.00.

Get-paid have nice referrals program to see commission of referrals click on referrals_get started and you will be their.


Payment are done by three processors paypal, payza and liberty reserves.
Hope you had enjoyed this post.Thanks for visiting money maker blog. 

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