Click on the Below banner and go to elance you will see an option create account choose the option i want to work and click continue, on next page fill all details with your own information, at next page you have to submit your skills then select the basic free account then it will lead you to your account and an email will be send on your email.Verify your email..then complete your all log in  required information.

Verify your identity:

To verify for your identity and log in to your account and  do these follow:
1.First Go to Find Work in the top navigation bar and then choose Freelancer Profile from the drop-down options..
2.Click on the button label Get Verified next to your display name on your profile. 
3.Review your account info to check weather it is correct or not if you are satisfied form it then click on Continue button.
4.You will be redirected to Aristotle’s ID verification page and will be asked to provide additional steps,giving your skype id and including selecting a time for a short Skype video interview.
5.You will be asked to upload a copy of your government ID.
6.Once you had submitted form, you will receive a confirmation page which also include your interview timing.
7.For interview, you have to add integrity. Aristotle to your Skype contact and you have to log in to your skype account during you allotted interview time.Make sure you have vedio cam with you and scanned copy of your government id.
Once your interview has been completed successfully, your profile will automatically updated to reflect that your identification has been verified. 
Show your skills and take tests:
Showing your skills is one of the best ways to stand out on Elance, you can get your skills tested by taking skill tests.

To take an Elance skill test:

Click on the Find Work in the top navigation bar.Click on the Freelancer Profile link.Click  Add Skill button on the Edit Skills page.click on the Edit if you want to retake a test.Select one of the skills. click the button Take the Skills Test and then the button titled Continue.On the Test Landing page, click on  the red button labeled (Start Test) and then click it again on the page to which you are redirected.The test will take some time to get configured and then Click on button Click here to start your test.Skills tests are free for all freelancers.You can submit more test to increase your skills.
These are the basic step to get more chances to get hired.

Six Tips to get more jobs in elance:
1.Keep Your Profile Up To Date and well maintain.
2.Write Awesome Proposals and participate in webinars.
3.Take Skill Tests.
4.Join Groups for conversation.
5.Take Care Of Your Reputation.
6.Be Connected with elance and other elancers.

How you will recieve get paid?

You will be paid through Paypal,check,Bank transfer,elance prepaid Master card and skrill.

That's it hope you guys enjoyed this article and start earning on elance.

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